Reactive Inks

Drop-on-demand piezo technique

NOVACRON® MI are water-soluble inks for ink jet textile printing, especially developed for high-speed printing modes. These inks can be applied on cellulosic and silk fabrics by the drop-on-demand piezo technique. The NOVACRON® MI range is quoted by textile market printing leaders as the benchmark in the field.

High speed printing

NOVACRON® XKS is a new generation of industrial inks for high speed -- a true innovation! These water-based inks demonstrate high reliability across the board. Smooth runnability, reproducibility and compatibility with the latest industrial print heads. Their unique high color density makes this new generation of inks the choice for large scale industrial digital production. This economical choice, coupled with the design opportunities digital printing allows, opens new business opportunities for digitally printed textiles and for printers.

Industrial ink jet printing

ERIOFAST® XKS high color density inks cover a large gamut, including vivid bright and colorful shades that are suitable for cellulosic fibers, silk and polyamide. They are specially formulated for high speed ink jet printing, and are chemically compatible and fully tested on Kyocera heads, providing higher flexibility by using only one machine for various substrates. Shorter steaming and easier washing-off process for silk and polyamide with no staining of the white ground.