Technical Fabrics

Technical Fabrics provide the wearer protection against the elements and hazardous environments. They also provide functional performance, durability, stain protection, freshness and comfort, including safety from sun exposure. As the leading provider of textile solutions, Huntsman delivers reliable quality and functionality through our comprehensive suite of high-performance products used in protective wear and textiles for the transportation segment. Huntsman provides solutions that simplify and enhance your production capabilities, performance and durability to meet the needs of today's demanding end-user.

Huntsman’s thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) for adhesives and coatings are used to produce a wide range of coated and laminated textiles. Hot melt adhesive films based on our TPU materials can be firmly bonded together with multiple media and composites. Achieving accurate temperature, rigorous environmental and the best performance standards, they are ideally suited to the production of key parts for the textile industry.