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Did you know chemistry plays a critical role in the everyday lives of many millions of people?

As a global chemical company, Huntsman materials form the building blocks for countless consumer and industrial products that you use every day and are part of your everyday life.

On the Huntsman Knows How Podcast, we come together to discuss emerging trends, new technologies and the people who make it all happen. If there’s a topic that you would like to see us cover in the future, reach out to us at Huntsmanknowshow@huntsman.com.

Huntsman Corporation is providing this podcast as an informational service. Reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Huntsman Corporation. The views and opinions expressed by the guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Huntsman Corporation or any of its officers.

Recent Podcasts

Huntsman Knows How with Huntsman CEO Peter Huntsman International

Huntsman Corporation's CEO Peter Huntsman, stopped by the studio for the first time to discuss the company's recent earnings announcement; global trends in the petrochemical industry; deindustrialization in Europe, and life at home as a husband, father, grandfather and culinary hobbyist.

Hosted by Huntsman's Vice President of Corporate Communications and Government Affairs, Kevin Gundersen.

Huntsman Knows Semiconductor Cleans

This installment of the Huntsman Knows How podcast features Huntsman marketing managers Jay Henderson and SukChul Kang, joined by Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner of Linx Consulting. The group gives a high-level overview of semiconductor technology, provides insight into the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, and discusses how EHS, quality, and purity will affect semiconductor manufacturing in the future.

Huntsman Knows Carbon Nanotube Technologies

In this episode, guests John Fraser and Zach Lyles discuss what makes MIRALON® carbon structural materials so versatile. Thinner than a human hair and 25 times the specific strength of steel, learn how MIRALON® structural carbon products are not only expanding the boundaries of what's possible in the advanced materials space, but—through the manufacturing process itself—how it delivers a creative carbon capture strategy that simultaneously supports the production of clean, localized hydrogen.

Listen to this bonus track and learn how the MIRALON® manufacturing process differs from traditional hydrogen production via Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) and actually prevents carbon dioxide emissions, while creating a highly useful carbon product that is strong, lightweight, and electrically and thermally conductive. In addition, the MIRALON® manufacturing process reduces the CO2 footprint by as much as 90 percent and is highly flexible - with the ability to be co-located near pipelines or other sources of gas without the need for extensive storage facilities.

Huntsman Knows Spray Foam Insulation

In this episode, guest Doug Brady with Huntsman Building Solutions explains how spray foam insulation is making a real difference around the world for people who are seeking more energy efficient homes and businesses — a solution that many are discovering saves money and, collectively, contributes to a more sustainable future.

Huntsman Knows Polyurethane Additives

In this episode, guests Frank Rodriguez and Gabor Felber provide insight into the rapidly evolving polyurethane additives industry—discussing solutions for new emissions standards, cutting-edge hydrofluoroolefins (HFO) blowing agent technology, and how Huntsman's specialty amines expansion project in Petfurdo, Hungary, is positioned to meet the needs of a fast-growing market.

Huntsman Knows Adhesives

In this episode we welcome guests Mark Ecker, Senior Account Manager for Adhesives, and Mike Andreotta, Regional Marketing Manager for the Automotive and Industrial markets. We’ll be discussing why adhesives are important in manufacturing today, how product design engineers go about selecting the right adhesive, and unique applications where choosing an adhesive over mechanical fasteners positively "changed the game" in product design. You’ll also learn some interesting facts about adhesives, their history, and how everything you use every day is impacted by adhesives.

To learn more about Huntsman adhesives please visit https://www.huntsman.com/materials/adhesives

Huntsman Knows Electric Vehicle Batteries

In this episode, we welcome guests Dr. Jerry Gazda, Director for Battery Technologies; Dr. Jay Henderson, Global Marketing Manager for Advanced Technologies; and Dr. Michael Kramer, Senior Technical Manager for Global Automotive.

We discuss how recent announcements from the automotive OEMs are affecting battery manufacturers and the supply chain in general and what challenges manufacturers are trying to address. We also cover how Huntsman contributes to the EV and electric battery market through advanced material solutions and investments we’re making to help meet the demand for electric vehicles.

To learn more about Huntsman solutions in electric vehicle batteries, please visit www.huntsman.com/batterymaterials