Performance Products

Huntsman Performance Products offers products that provide useful properties in everyday items people want and need. Our leading global positions in the manufacture and sale of amines, maleic anhydride and carbonates enable us to serve diverse consumer and industrial end markets, including energy, automotive and transportation, coatings and adhesives, building & construction, electronics and industrial manufacturing. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we produce and sell over 800 products to over 1,000 global customers and provide extensive pre-and post-sales technical service support.

Commercial Licensing

From planning to production, our licensing team works to ensure that Huntsman's patented technologies add value. Our core strengths in safely operating and maintaining complex chemical processes, technology transfer and deep technical expertise, combined with a broad range of products, applications and formulations, and global network of R&D facilities, all lend superior foundational and strategic support for your projects.

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EBITDA for Fiscal Year 2023

As of December 31, 2023 • Source & Reconciliation: Earnings Summary Fourth Quarter 2023

Key Markets


A leader in natural gas processing technology for over 60 years, Huntsman’s amines remove environmentally unfriendly compounds from natural gas streams. We also provide solutions to oilfield production challenges, and our polyetheramines are critical to the production of longer, more efficient wind energy blades.

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Automotive and Transportation

Our polyetheramines, ethyleneamines and maleic anhydride increase motor oil lubricity and collect deposits off engine surfaces where they can cause loss of efficiency and damage. Maleic anhydride is also a key building block of unsaturated polyester resins used to produce fiberglass for automobile bodies and boat hulls. Our polyurethane additives reduce foam odor and emissions in automotive applications, and we are one of the world’s largest producers of high-purity cyclic carbonates used in the production of lithium ion batteries for electric cars.

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Coatings and Adhesives

We produce water-borne, solvent-borne and 100 percent solid components for coatings and adhesive applications. These technologies provide corrosion resistance, reduced odors, enhanced durability and pigment dispersion in automotive, marine, industrial and architectural coatings. They also deliver desirable bonding characteristics and workability in adhesives.

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Building and Construction

Our ethyleneamines form integral building blocks in asphalt emulsion, enable stronger cohesion, save energy and costs, and allow producers to add more recycled components to their mix. Our amines also help control the density, porosity and flow of concrete, and reduce cement particle size to create a uniform mix. Our polyurethane catalysts bring power, speed and strength to both closed-cell and open-cell polyurethane formulated systems, and maleic anhydride is a key building block of unsaturated polyester resins used to produce fiberglass.

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We bring together innovation and world-leading process technologies to produce high purity E-GRADE® amines, including quaternary amines and amine oxides, and solvents for formulation into semiconductor cleans applications. We offer alternatives to TMAH and NMP to enable next generation formulated cleans. Our high-quality carbonate electrolyte solvents are critical to the reliable operation of lithium-ion batteries used in consumer electronics.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Our maleic anhydride and broad range of amines provide enhanced performance to applications in metalworking and paper and water treatment.

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Key Technologies

Maleic Anhydride

We are the leading global producer of maleic anhydride and the leading licensor of maleic anhydride manufacturing technology. Maleic anhydride is a highly-versatile chemical intermediate used to produce unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), the primary ingredient in fiberglass reinforced resins used for marine and automotive applications, and in construction products like countertops, tubs and sinks. Maleic anhydride is also used in the production of lubricants, food additives and artificial sweeteners.

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We are the leading global producer of polyetheramines since first developing the family of products over 50 years ago. The JEFFAMINE®products provide sophisticated performance characteristics such as long working times for customized epoxy formulations. Polyetheramines are used in wind blade molding, construction and flooring, paints and coatings, fuels and lubricants, and polyurethane foams and insulations.

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We are the leading global producer of the full range of ethyleneamines, and our heavier slate of homologues allows us to provide a large variety of product applications such as lubricant and fuel additives, asphalt additives, epoxy hardeners, wet strength resins, chelating agents and fungicides.

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Diglycolamine Agent (DGA®)

We are one of the largest global producers of DIGLYCOLAMINE® Agent (DGA®), a versatile amine used across a range of applications. It is used in gas treating as an amine solvent for the bulk removal of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and carbonyl sulfide. Other major applications include electronics and metalworking, and it is an intermediate for products in end-use applications ranging from agrochemicals to polyurethane foam insulation.

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Low-Emission Polyurethane Catalysts

We are a leading global producer of low-emission polyurethane catalysts. Our JEFFCAT® catalysts provide reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and improved performance to a wide range of polyurethane applications such as automotive seating, construction and furniture and bedding.

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We are the only producer and largest supplier of propylene carbonate and ethylene carbonate in North America. Our ULTRAPURETM high-purity cyclic carbonates and carbonate electrolyte solvents are critical to the reliable operation and long working life of lithium-ion batteries for electronics and electric vehicles. These carbonates are also used in cleaning applications in microelectronic fabrications.

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