Vendor Invoicing Requirements

Read our Vendor Invoicing Requirement Toolkit for detailed instructions on how to ensure your invoice is paid.

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Purchasing Team

We have Purchasing teams around the world. Please review our listing to find the regional team you wish to contact.

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Supplier Onboarding Requirements

Read our supplier onboarding requirements for instructions on Huntsman’s processes.

For more information regarding vendor onboarding, please contact:

Packaging Specification Database

Huntsman's Packaging Specification Database enables you to browse through specifications that we have available online today. This database will be updated periodically.

For more information regarding Huntsman Packaging, please contact Abhay Kanzarkar at 281-719-4855, Johan Wittekoek at +31 181 292050, or Ine Beckers at +32 2 7589179.

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Customer and Vendor Transportation Information

North America

Vendor Code of Conduct

Whether conducting business with us or on our behalf, we expect all vendors and representatives to follow our high ethical standards set forth in our Guidelines.

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