Vendor Invoicing Guidelines

Vendor Invoicing Requirements

Read our Vendor Invoicing Requirement Toolkit for detailed instructions on how to ensure your invoice is paid.

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Guidelines on Submitting Invoices

Dear Vendors,

Thank you for your interest in providing goods or services to Huntsman. Since a clear and complete invoice helps in ensuring timely payment, we have outlined a few policies for streamlining the invoicing process. Huntsman has outsourced invoice processing activity to Genpact, so it is important that you send invoice and payment queries to the correct email address to avoid any confusion.

Huntsman’s policy is designed to make sure that all expenditures are properly authorized and recorded. The Purchase Order (PO) enables efficient and on-time processing of invoices. If you have not received a valid PO, please obtain a valid PO number from your Huntsman contact before sending your invoice.

The following information is also necessary on the invoice:

Invoice Required Information



Purchase order (PO) number


If you do not have PO number, obtain a valid PO number from your Huntsman contact before sending your invoice.


Correct Legal Entity Name and complete address of the vendor as per the purchase order


Invoice number and date


Billing and shipping address of Huntsman


Packing, freight, and additional costs, if any, as per the purchase order, along with the total value of goods


Quantity and unit of measurement


Taxes (GST, VAT, etc.) and registration number, if applicable, of Huntsman and the supplier


Rate of duties and taxes as per the purchase order


Description/classifications of the tariff of the said goods or services

Other General Guidelines


Invoice should be provided in a legible and readable format


Huntsman will pay for goods and services specified on the PO. Any variations in quantity or price should be agreed and processed in the PO first before sending invoices.


Unless requested by Huntsman, do not send the invoice copy multiple times. This will help prevent duplication in our systems and payment delays.


Only one invoice per attachment is permitted. Multiple invoices included in one attachment will be rejected.


If an invoice has already been submitted but not paid for, the vendor should make a query to the help desk rather than uploading the invoice again. Please do not attach invoice copies when submitting queries to Genpact Help Desk.


Please send vendor statements, reminders, and demands to the help desk (Open-Source Ticket Request System accounts) and NOT to the place where invoices are received.


The PO terms and conditions detailed at apply to all supplies and services.


If submitting a credit note, ensure you quote the corresponding invoice number and PO number as reference to which the credit note is being issued.

Incomplete Invoices and Returns

Any invoices with incorrect or missing information will be returned to the vendor for correction. This contributes to streamlining the invoice verification and payment process to benefit Huntsman vendors.

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