Huntsman Invoice Guidelines for the Americas

Vendors must submit invoices to the centralized address. Please note: Only one invoice per attachment is permitted and the invoice must be in a .pdf or .tif format not to exceed 5MB. For Americas Logistics Service Provider Invoices, please continue to follow the prescribed invoice process directed by your Huntsman logistics purchasing contact.

Email address (preferred):

Mailing address:

PO Box 982159
El Paso, TX 79998-2159

All invoices must quote a valid Purchase Order and/or contact person. Failure to do so may result in returned invoices or late payments. Please also include a valid invoice number, invoice date, invoice total amount and remit to address on all invoices. - This email address is used for submitting invoices only. It will not monitor or respond to any queries. Any pdf or image files received by this email address will be uploaded and forwarded to AP for processing. This is an automated process. Any queries to this email address with an attachment of an outstanding invoice will automatically go for processing, which will create a duplicate in the system.

Note: All invoices should only be submitted once. Any follow-ups should be directed to the help desk as noted below. – This email address should be used for all AP queries such as payment status, including vendor statements, reminders and demands. You will receive a confirmation email and ticket number for each email submitted. The estimated response is within two (2) business days. You can also reach out to the AP help desk using the toll-free number below.

Toll-free: 1- 877-761-2967