The pathway to sustainability runs through Huntsman

Huntsman recognizes the important role we play in creating a more sustainable future. Our innovative solutions are the catalyst which enable 80% of the economy to reduce emissions. These contributions to a low carbon economy can help make society’s goal of carbon neutrality a reality.

Our Priorities

Our solutions drive significant emission reductions

Huntsman products enable approximately 750M tons of lifetime emissions to be removed from the planet each year. Whether it’s wind energy, fuel efficiency, transportation electrification, or home efficiency, Huntsman products are integrally involved in ensuring a brighter world for future generations.

Our Solutions

Learn how we create value today and ensure a vibrant tomorrow

Huntsman enriches lives through innovation by developing solutions that not only create value for our stakeholders today, but also make a vibrant world possible for future generations. Our commitment to sustainability benefits people, protects the natural environment and ensures our profitability.

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Follow our journey toward EHS excellence

In 2018, we launched our new business strategy for environment, health, and safety, which we call Horizon 2025. It is aligned with the global Responsible Care® initiative and includes an ambitious set of specific, company-wide targets for Huntsman to achieve by the year 2025. The strategy drives continuous improvements in sustainability, safety, and risk management in both upstream and downstream operations.

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Touching lives around the world

Being a good neighbor in the communities where we live and work is core to our corporate values. When we work together with our neighbors, we enhance lifestyles, improve education and benefit our natural environment.

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Partnering with others amplifies our impact

Huntsman is proud to partner with global organizations to drive sustainability in a variety of industries.

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