Why Huntsman

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Huntsman

We have outlined the top 10 reasons to work at Huntsman. We pride ourselves on being a people-oriented organization. Our family-like atmosphere is cultivated by our diverse groups of team members around the world. Find out why you should join us.

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Innovate and grow at Huntsman

Transform the world, transform your life

From the moment you launch your career with us, you’ll be welcomed with open arms for your ideas, your accomplishments, and your potential. You’ll work with a team of energized and passionate professionals to bring fresh perspectives and create new solutions. We believe all our employees have unique talents that, combined with a learning mindset, will enable us to continue enriching lives through innovation.  

At Huntsman, you will have opportunities to make meaningful contributions to interesting projects. We offer challenging experiences that will broaden your skills and abilities. This includes personalized training and development plans, as well as carefully mapped job paths and career progression. We provide transparency around career opportunities and promote internal mobility across departments, divisions, and countries.

Our Commitment to You

Huntsman invests in you

Compensation & Benefits

Huntsman empowers employees to meet their full potential, giving them room to grow in their jobs. We reward success with competitive compensation packages for each market in which we operate.

Training & Development

We foster your career growth through training, mentoring and job rotations. Our programs identify and develop employees for future roles by offering courses in language training, personal effectiveness, team management, leadership and more.

Work-Life Balance

Huntsman believes in enabling you to make the most out of life. Through a flexible approach to balancing work and personal activities, we help to promote employees’ sustainable long-term success.

Diversity & Equal Opportunity

A diverse workforce stimulates conversation, innovation, creativity, and problem solving. Huntsman unites people from various cultures and backgrounds who offer unique ideas and perspectives that help to build a stronger company. We value our team environment where people treat each other with integrity and respect. Learn More.

Our Commitment to the Community

Enriching the lives around us

The opportunity is greater now than ever to build deep community connections and create positive change across the globe. At Huntsman, we believe it is our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of people in our communities.

We do this through local initiatives organized by our employees because we strongly believe in giving back to our communities. Huntsman employees support a variety of social causes, which include cancer research, mental health research, educational initiatives, and environmental stewardship.

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Our Commitment to the World

Making a vibrant future possible

At Huntsman, our goal is to provide products and solutions through the application of science that enrich lives and help create a sustainable future, while doing no harm to people or the environment.

Our processes employ world-class technologies to reduce energy, water use, harmful emissions, and waste, while operating at the highest standards of safety. In many of these areas, our innovations and products play a critical role in helping the countries where we operate meet their sustainability goals.