We empower students

At Huntsman, we know the value of empowering today’s students. Through our internship program, students benefit from a hands-on experience at world-class facilities and work directly on projects that enrich lives through innovation.  Welcome to tomorrow’s solutions.

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Work on real-world challenges

Huntsman is seeking interns who have big dreams. Our interns attend vocational institutions or accredited universities and are ambitious, curious, and adventurous. At Huntsman, students apply their education and skills in a real-world setting to make an impact.

Advance your learning, enhance your skills

We offer internship and apprenticeship programs in specialized fields and departments, including:

Manufacturing, Accounting, Supply Chain, Technology (Research and Development), Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources

Let’s begin your internship search

Look for opportunities advertised via your school, Huntsman’s website, and LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Submit your application through our Huntsman website.

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