Huntsman Logo

Media may use the Huntsman logo in connection with news related to our company. As a general rule, others outside of Huntsman Corporation may not use our logo. Using the Huntsman logo for advertising or promotion is not permitted without our written approval. Contact Corporate Media Relations to request permission.

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Logo Guidelines

The Huntsman logo elements and their relationship to each other should not be altered, separated or distorted. This includes the tagline “Enriching lives through innovation” which is an integral part of the Huntsman logo. If you have received permission to use our logo, follow the guidelines below.

Logo Usage

Use the full-color version of our logo on a white background. Use the approved logo colors, Pantone 289 (blue) and Pantone 202 (red). In cases where a monochrome all-black or all-white version of our logo is needed, coordinate with your Huntsman contact to obtain approval.
The amount of clear space around all four sides of our logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “H” in the logo.
Do not modify our logo in any way.
Do not place our logo directly next to your own logo or that of another third party. For co-branding requests or questions, contact Corporate Media Relations.

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Do not use our logo in a phrase or sentence.
The logo should only be used at widths of 20 millimeters or greater to ensure the tagline remains readable. In the rare instances that a smaller logo is required, contact Corporate Media Relations.

Media Contacts
Never allow other typography, illustration or photography to encroach on the logo.