JEFFAMINE® D and ED series

JEFFAMINE® D series diamine products are amine-terminated polypropylene glycols. By contrast, JEFFAMINE® ED series diamines are based on a predominantly polyethylene glycol backbone, which makes them completely water-soluble.

XTJ series

Recently developed, the XTJ series consists of newer polyetheramines that may contain other backbone segments instead of, or in addition to, the polypropylene glycol and polyethylene glycol structures. Some are secondary polyetheramines that have not been offered before (XTJ-576, XTJ-584, XTJ-585, XTJ-586). XTJ-548 contains a triamine, but the amines are not all equivalent and it may react as a diamine in many conditions. Additional polyetheramines with other backbone segments include XTJ-542 and XTJ-559.

XTJ-504 (EDR-148) and XTJ-590 are much more reactive than other polyetheramines.  Epoxy resins developed with these diamines can be formulated to cure at room temperature or very rapidly at elevated temperatures. As unhindered diamines miscible in a wide variety of solvents, XTJ products can be used in a range of applications. Other reactions typical of aliphatic diamines may be expected with XTJ-504 and XTJ-590 such as polyamide formation through reaction with dibasic acids, diisocyanate reactions to form polyureas, etc.

Technical literature