Surface science is often invisible, yet it impacts on almost every facet of industry and personal life. Huntsman is a leading global supplier of nonionic, anionic, cationic, amphoteric and polymeric surfactant products that add value at the surfaces where materials meet. With an extensive range of intermediates, additives and blends, our surface-active agents are widely used throughout industry and consumer applications to create the fundamental physical effects of wetting, dispersion, deflocculation and emulsification.

Wetting enhances the spread and penetrability of a liquid, which in turn creates effects as diverse as improving the cleaning ability of water to boosting the adhesion of a paint film. Dispersion has broad application, from preventing the redeposition of soil on fabrics while being washed to keeping the smallest particles in suspension during spraying. From face cream to ice cream, emulsification is used in everything from cosmetics and foods to lubricants for cold rolling sheet steel.

As essential ingredients in an extensive range of liquids, creams, gels, powders, sprays, suspensions, emulsions, lubricants and tablets, our surfactants are favored for a broad spectrum of personal care, cleaning and detergent-based products. They are also used extensively in textile treatments, dyes, food production, agrochemicals, oilfield and mining, construction, polymers and coatings and as the basis for numerous other applications.

Whatever the requirement, our customers benefit from in-depth expertise in surface science technologies combined with global production, supply and technical support.

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