Huntsman Presents at 2015 China Lightweight Vehicle Summit

Araldite® Brand Boosts the Popularization of structural composites in Automotive Industry

Shanghai, China, May 19th, 2015 - At 2015 China Lightweight Vehicle Summit, Huntsman Advanced Materials showcased Araldite® resin systems for  high-performance composite parts production enabling weight reduction, driving less CO2 gas emission or allowing more space for battery installation in electrical cars. MR.THIERRY PERCHET, Marketing Director, APAC/INDIA, Huntsman Advanced Materials, delivered a keynote speech at the summit conference which outlined the history of Huntsman Advanced Materials in China, reaffirmed Huntsman's commitment to local industry and its efforts to systematically develop the auto industry in China.

Huntsman's high-performance resin system has long been recognized in the automotive industry. In 1946, the Araldite® brand was launched as the world's first epoxy resin. In the past 70 years, Araldite® resin systems have been delivered to many industries including automobile manufacturers worldwide.

Huntsman's composites systems are accomplished in the world of motorsport, and supercars and have helped a number of Formula One teams to improve overall performance including reducing their car weight and largely increasing the safety for drivers. Recently the Araldite® resin system has been selected by BMW I3 and I8 for its fast curing behavior and overall mechanical performances.

According to the report from the National Development and Reform Commission, a quarter of China's territory on land now suffers from some form of pollution while the number of automobiles on the road continues to rise. Worsening atmospheric pollution has increased the demand for the auto industry to develop green initiatives. There is also an increasing interest on cleaner vehicles like electrical.

"With High pressure RTM system and Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding (DFCM) Process, Araldite® resin system really can achieve Composite parts mass production up to 1,000 parts/day with the right automation level. We even reach Aerospace performances while keeping same opportunity of functions integration." said Mr. Perchet. "This breakthrough technology significantly promotes the development of lightweight vehicles." Huntsman is pledged to fulfilling its commitment of "Taking the Pursuit of Excellence as its own Duty." It will continue to seek insights into the industrial requirements of lightweight vehicles in order to promote sustainability of the industry.

To further strengthen its local capabilities and ability to meet growing APAC demand, Huntsman has invested US$40 million to establish its Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai in 2013. The more than 20,000 SQM ATC Phase II is the largest hub with the most advanced technology of its kind in Asia. Its establishment stands is evidence of the great importance which Huntsman attaches to the Asia-Pacific market and the long-term investment which Huntsman commits to the region.



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