Huntsman Advanced Materials Araldite® Brand Benzoxazines Key in Copper Cladded Laminates for Production of Leading-edge Smartphones

Huntsman Advanced Materials – more than 15 years of focused and persistent research efforts in the synthesis and applications of various Benzoxazine molecules. 
Manufacturing Excellence
Besides McIntosh and Monthey site within Huntsman Advanced Materials, Panyu site has reached manufacturing excellence in Benzoxazine synthesis and production of Benzoxazine-based formulations with dedicated manufacturing facilities as well. The applications of the Benzoxazine products from Panyu site include mid-Tg and high-Tg halogen-free copper cladded laminates used in smartphones, tablets, data communication application as well as in certain small-to-medium sized IC substrates. 
A New Era of Connecting People
"The advancement in wireless communication, the increasing data transfer rate and mass data storage achievable have taken human life into a new era." Said Thierry Perchet, Huntsman Advanced Materials APAC/INDIA Marketing Director.
New application of using Benzoxazine resin has been developed to manufacture high Tg copper cladded laminates and prepreg (B-staged pre-impregnated fabrics) with Dissipation Factor < 0.012 @ 5 GHz, which is important for signal integrity in the contemporary requirement.
Benzoxazine chemistry has also been qualified for using in the production of copper cladded laminates and prepreg, of which the performance is important to leading-edge 4G-LTE smartphones. Higher reliability of Benzoxazine based laminate in the production process of high density printed circuit board and in subsequent lead-free reflow soldering (components assembly) are the benefits contributing to lower cost and more efficient production. 
Intrinsic Advantages of Benzoxazine
The technology drivers of the adoption of Benzoxazine chemistry is mainly in intrinsic performance considerations that outperform DOPO-Epoxy chemistry.
1)      Lower moisture absorption which is important for the stability of Dielectric Loss characteristics.
2)      Lower Dielectric Constant and Dissipation Factor.
3)      Close to Zero shrinkage after cure is possible and important for dimensional stability.
Moving forward
Owing to tailor-made and tunable backbone structure of Benzoxazine resin, the inherited stiff structure also contributes to modulus retention requirement at high working temperature in semiconductor substrate and automotive electronics control board.
Welcome to visit our ATC, “Advanced Technology Center”, located in Minhang Shanghai, to meet up our commercial, marketing and technology teams. Information of Benzoxazine product range offered by Huntsman Advanced Materials is available upon your enquiry.
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