Shanghai, China – Huntsman Advanced Materials announce the expansion of Benzoxazine manufacturing capacity at its Panyu facility in China for the Electronics Laminate industry, focus on APAC region especially Greater China market. The total cost of expansion was approximately 2.6M USD and capacity will increase to 5.6 KT per annum.
Electronics Laminate is the basic substrate material for printed circuit boards found in telecom equipment, medical measurement devices, information technology equipment, automobile parts, cell phones as well as other electronic consumer products. Halogen containing polymers, made up of either fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine, has been one of the materials of choice to create PCBs. Though not harmful during its lifetime, there is concern about what happens to halogenated products once they have reached end of life.
“Studies by European countries and Japan show that the incineration of electronic devices containing halogen releases carcinogenic materials like dioxin and dibenzofuran, which can contribute to smog and toxic air concerns,” said Dr Meising Ho, Research and Technology Director APAC, Huntsman Advanced Materials, “Dioxins and furans also have been shown to be present in increasing levels in soil and groundwater. Other studies have shown burning halogen materials can affect human immunity and hormone incretion systems and influence people’s reproduction and development.”
Huntsman Advanced Materials is a pioneer and leader in developing benzoxazines as the technology solution of halogen-free resins for laminate. It was the first company to successfully manufacture benzoxazines on a commercial scale and began producing Benzoxazine resins at its McIntosh site (US) in 2000 and its Monthey site (Switzerland) in 2002, followed by China at its Panyu site in 2007.
China has become the global hub for the manufacture of electronic laminate as production has migrated there from the US, Europe and Japan. The Panyu expansion underpins plans by the Advanced Materials division to grow in the Electronics Laminate market through environmental-friendly solutions.
Huntsman Advanced Materials has recently launched a new series of products based upon “Halogen and Phosphorous Free (HF & PF)” chemistry for the laminate market which is aimed at addressing environmental concerns regarding Phosphorous.
"Huntsman is committed to the Electronics industry and it is crucial to have an effective and efficient local production facility to serve this market" commented Mr Steen Weien Hansen, Vice President APAC, Huntsman Advanced Materials.
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