Huntsman to Attend JEC World 2023: Our Chemistry Makes Your Ambitions Possible

Huntsman Booth M 31, Hall 6, JEC World, Paris, April 25-27, 2023

Huntsman is attending JEC World 2023, highlighting its evolving range of composite solutions, void fillers, and adhesives for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. Huntsman is enlarging its range of products, utilizing more biomass and recycled origin raw materials – without compromising product performance. The approach is based on the sourcing of more sustainable raw materials and ultimately contributes to savings in CO2 emissions. Visit Booth M31, Hall 6 to see how Huntsman’s innovative solutions, processes and services can help bring the products of tomorrow to life.

As governments and industries increasingly focus on hydrogen to reach net-zero CO2 emissions, the need for safe, high-performance, mass-produced hydrogen storage tanks is growing. At JEC World, Huntsman will display innovative ARALDITE® solutions that support manufacturers in the design and production of composite pressure vessels.

 Huntsman will showcase its latest developments in high-performance resin systems for wet filament winding, RTM and towpreg Latest optimized towpreg systems demonstrate a balance of optimal tack, shelf-life and thermo mechanical properties, meeting industry requirements for safety and mass production.

Supporting the drive for more electric vehicles, Huntsman has assembled a full portfolio of customisable, quick cure, high strength, ARALDITE® epoxy and VITROX® and RIMLINE® polyurethane resins for battery protection applications that are energy efficient to process via wet compression moulding (WCM), core moulding, and long fibre injection (LFI) moulding techniques. These different technologies will be also showcased at the company’s exhibition booth.

Reinforcing its automotive offering, Huntsman continues to feature applications of ARALDITE® epoxy resins as well as VITROX® and RIMLINE® polyurethane resin systems for mass production of, leaf springs, insulation panels and ultralight interior panels.

Numerous modern lightweight components rely on sandwich structures that utilise Huntsman’s RIMLINE® FC (foam core) polyurethane technology. This lightweight system has great flow properties, increasing design freedom. It can significantly outperform the cycle time of other materials thanks to its quick cure properties. It also adheres well to different overmoulding materials leaving low residual levels on tools. 

Huntsman’s booth will also feature another of its latest acrylic adhesives, named a winner in the 2023 JEC AWARD competition: ARALDITE® 2081, a unique structural acrylic adhesive that differentiates itself through three main features: its more favourable GHS classification, which ensures more friendly usage with significant savings on personal protective equipment and risk management measures; a flash point above 95°C, which makes the product non-flammable, simplifies storage and transportation, and reduces associated costs; and its low odor and low toxicity profile. These three features are not offered at the expense of performance: ARALDITE® 2081 adhesive allows strong adhesion on most plastics, composites, and metallic substrates without requiring specific and long surface preparation, significantly reducing production time. 

In addition, Huntsman will present new packaging for its adhesives, which is collapsible, sustainable and high performing, providing 75% less plastic waste than traditional packaging without compromising performance.

Huntsman will also highlight the two-component resin system ARA DEFEND™ 50100. This low-viscosity epoxy resin system with good latency also provides improved high speed impact resistance and up to a 30% increase in Tg, to extend the life of ballistic armor panels. 

Huntsman will unveil several applications of MIRALON®, a new generation of carbon nanotube-based (CNT) materials that, unlike standard powder CNTs, is available in the form of sheets, yarns, or pulp.

MIRALON® materials are comprised of interconnected bundles of ultra- long, entangled nanotubes. This structure drives increased strength, conductivity (almost equal to Single-Wall CNTs), and toughness at low density, with significant performance benefits vs other nanotubes. Sheets and yarns are classified as articles by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Application examples enabled by the unique features of MIRALON® include composite-embedded heaters utilizing MIRALON® Sheets, thermoplastic granulates for compression moulding, and filaments for FFF 3D-printing process, highlighting some of the many uses for MIRALON® Pulp.

For more information, speak to Huntsman’s experts at Booth M 31, Hall 6.

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