Battery Materials

For more than 50 years, we have proven that Huntsman knows how to turn its customers’ challenges into powerful solutions. We are proud to lend our expertise to battery materials for electric vehicles. For battery manufacturers who strive to improve performance and safety, Huntsman’s portfolio of battery materials offers products to help increase capacity, lengthen cycle life, improve charging times, and reduce environmental, health and safety concerns through a strong, global supply position. Outside of the battery pack, our material solutions are addressing battery protection, battery box and body-in-white lightweighting, as well as encapsulating and impregnating systems for improving performance and extending the lifetime of the electric powertrain.

Improving cell performance and safety

Huntsman’s battery materials are critical to the reliable operation and long working life of lithium-ion batteries. These materials also help increase cell capacity by enabling higher conductivity, thicker cathodes, and higher silicon loading in anodes.

Enabling next-generation technologies

Huntsman is enabling next-generation technologies with innovative materials. Our battery materials portfolio can enable emerging technologies such as high silicon anodes, solid state electrolytes, flexible batteries, and safer aqueous production methods.

Investing in a more sustainable future

Huntsman is an established chemical supplier with a history of commercializing innovation and helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and increase their sustainability impact. Huntsman is positioned to meet the long-term needs of the industry with a wide variety of materials and advanced chemistries, a robust global footprint with dedicated regional manufacturing, and a commitment to strategic investment positions.

Reducing weight and protecting the battery

Huntsman composite solutions improve battery protection while reducing the weight and meeting safety and thermal performance requirements. Our versatility of technologies allows automated and flexible manufacturing conditions.

Huntsman's portfolio of battery materials

For battery manufacturers who strive to improve performance and safety, Huntsman’s portfolio of battery materials offers products to help increase capacity, lengthen cycle life, charge faster, reduce weight, protect the battery and reduce environmental, health and safety concerns.


ARALDITE® adhesives help battery and automotive OEMs with production process cost improvements, design innovations, weight savings, and compliance to environmental and safety standards.

ARALDITE®<br>composite resins

ARALDITE® composite resins enable lighter-weight designs, by up to 40% versus metal, and pass all relevant fire and crash resistance, environmental aging, and thermal shock tests.

ARATHANE®<br>encapsulation resins

ARATHANE® encapsulants assure protection of sensitive devices, improve thermal management, and meet the most stringent temperature requirements.

EUREMELT®<br>thermoplastic polyamide

EUREMELT® adhesives are used for joining, fixing, sealing, or protecting and insulating in a wide variety of applications; and they contain up to 90% renewable resources.


JEFFAMINE® amines can be used for polymer modification enabling solid-state or gel polymer electrolytes and can also be used to make novel binder materials.

JEFFSOL®<br>solvents as NMP alternatives

JEFFSOL® polar aprotic solvents can be used in a wide range of applications due to their excellent solvency, relatively high flash points, low vapor pressure, and ease of handling.

MIRALON®<br>carbon materials for battery cells

MIRALON® high-aspect ratio specialty carbons extend battery cell life, increase capacity, and improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries.

RIMLINE®<br>polyurethane systems

RIMLINE® resins and core materials improve mechanical and thermal performance in structural parts. RIMLINE® low density core materials provide a combination of mechanical stability and design flexibility.

SHOKLESS™ polyurethane systems

Developed for encapsulating battery cells in electric vehicles (EV), our SHOKLESS™ polyurethane systems can provide thermal as well as structural protection at a cell, module, and pack level.


Huntsman is the only North American producer of alkylene carbonates, including ULTRAPURE® Ethylene Carbonate (EC) and ULTRAPURE® Propylene Carbonate (PC) for lithium-ion batteries.

VITROX®<br>polyurethane systems

Our VITROX® resin systems enhance your battery pack fire protection, while enabling lightweighting, durability and fast processing on the top and bottom cover of your battery pack.

Huntsman’s Innovative Technologies Enable the Automotive Industry’s Transition to Electric Vehicles

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In this episode, we discuss how recent announcements from the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are affecting battery manufacturers, the supply chain and how the industry plans to address these challenges with innovative solutions.

Our solutions enable transportation electrification

Our carbonates improve the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries. One ton of our carbonates will go into 34 battery electric vehicles which means.

1,300 tons

CO2e avoided

160 tons

CO2e to build


return on carbon invested

Source: Management estimates assured by a third-party review