RIMLINE® FC polyurethane system is a moldable and tunable foam core for lightweight, durable composite electric vehicle applications.

Developed for under floor structures, door frames, inserts for (semi-) structural parts, acoustically enhanced components, and battery enclosures, RIMLINE® FC system delivers very good process performance with low resin penetration and excellent adhesion.

Versatile rigid foam production

RIMLINE® FC polyurethane system is a two-component rigid foam system that has been specifically developed for use as core material in the manufacture of sandwich panels.

Molded into its final shape, RIMLINE® FC system can be used jointly with glass or carbon reinforcements to build a preform. Following the impregnation with composite resins, such as VITROX® composite resins, either by Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) or Wet Compression Molding (WCM) processes, the final semi-structural sandwich composites can be constructed.

Structural integrity and efficiency

RIMLINE® FC polyurethane system is fully formulated and includes the mix of a polyol blend and catalyst package, used in combination with RIMLINE® FC diisocyanate.

Key features include:

  • Versatile and durable, enabling engineering design freedom
  • Can be molded into the complex 3D shape of the ready-to-use core
  • Developed to fulfil wet compression and resin transfer molding processing conditions
  • Tunable to help meet customer manufacturing needs
  • Developed to perfectly complement VITROX® and RIMLINE® composite resins
  • Can reduce weight while providing impact protection of EV battery packs

Processing flexibility and high productivity

RIMLINE® FC polyurethane system can be tailored to meet versatile manufacturing processes and complex design requirements.

Key benefits include:

  • Moldable – permitting the formation of both thick and thin complex core shapes
  • Increased productivity – a high number of releases are possible and the low amount of residuals reduces the frequency of tool cleaning
  • Great flow behaviour allows complex core moldings with short cure times in density ranges between 150-300kg/m³
  • Outstanding property balance for reliable process performance with low resin penetration at in-mold pressures up to 35 bars
  • Core surface ready for overmolding with composite resins which exhibit very good adhesion without the need for surface treatment

Enabling electrification in Automotive

In combination with our RIMLINE® WCM system, our RIMLINE® FC polyurethane system can be used to create under body battery protection components – helping to drive forward the adoption of electric vehicles.

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