SHOKLESS™ polyurethane systems developed for EV battery protection

Innovative solutions for EV battery potting applications

We offer a range of polyurethane systems to support the protection of electric vehicle batteries. Developed to help safeguard the structural and thermal integrity of batteries in the event of an accident, SHOKLESS™ polyurethane systems are lightweight, durable, and developed to deliver reliable protection at a cell, module, and pack level.

Next generation polyurethane foams in tune with market needs

SHOKLESS™ products can help reduce overall battery weight while providing the required structural protection at different densities. From low density flexible foams for potting and fixing cells mounted in batteries, to high density, rigid polyurethane encapsulants developed for protecting whole battery modules or packs – we’re confident we’ve got your battery protection needs covered.

Advancing new standards in battery performance and safety

Developed to offer multiple performance benefits, our SHOKLESS™ systems for EV battery potting and encapsulation applications can typically help to deliver:

  • Tunable performance – thanks to a broad density range
  • Very good compression and tensile stress performance
  • Reliability at a wide temperature range
  • Weight-saving opportunities
  • Very good thermal insulation

They can also be formulated with and without adhesion performance to various cells.

Flexible processing possibilities

Developed to offer a wide processing window, our SHOKLESS™ polyurethane systems can provide extra handling flexibility. Systems can be tailored to achieve different flow characteristics, thanks to the technology’s curing and viscosity profiles. This includes fast cure / low temperature options for the open-pour process used around battery cells.

Typical Properties:

  • Suitable for open-pour or pre-molded applications
  • Low viscosity for easy, efficient handling
  • Low exotherm within operating temperature range

Simulation capabilities support for system selection

To help our customers select the right systems, we offer in-house simulation and modeling expertise. Whether the goal is to source a solution for single cells or to function at a full battery pack level, we will explore requirements in detail, helping you to develop systems depending on rheological and thermal characteristics.

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Our sustainability ambitions

As the market for electric vehicles grows, demand is accelerating for lightweight, high performance materials that can help improve thermal and structural protection, as well as passenger safety. At Huntsman, we are working towards helping OEMs and their suppliers deliver more sustainable modes of transport. 

Through innovative technology platforms and with ISCC PLUS accredited mass balance capabilities, we’re working side by side with our customers - towards a more sustainable future.

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