Huntsman to Promote New Range of Easy-to-Use Elastomers at PU China / UTECH Asia While Highlighting Wider Urethanes Capabilities

Discover the possibilities at Stand 50 at PU China / UTECH Asia – from 28 to 31 July 2021
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China

A new range of Easy-to-Use (ETU) elastomers that can simplify the casting of complex heavy-duty parts will be one of numerous urethane-based innovations that global chemical company Huntsman will be showcasing at PU China / UTECH Asia at the end of July. Huntsman’s ETU elastomers range is a novel portfolio of polyurethane products, which can give parts producers extra manufacturing flexibility when casting large, hard-wearing, specialist components for mining, oil and gas, and industrial applications.

Traditionally, parts manufacturers producing high quality, heavy-duty polyurethane components, have had to work with materials that have a relatively narrow set of processing parameters. The ETU elastomers range is different. With a long pot life, which delivers a wide processing window, these specialty elastomers are easy to control and tolerant to process temperature variations. Compatible with standard manufacturing equipment, they deliver excellent part-to-part consistency – helping to reduce scrap rates. They can also be processed at significantly lower temperatures and do not require any post curing treatment – making them more energy efficient.

At the show, experts from the company’s Polyurethanes and Performance Products divisions will also be highlighting:

  • A complete offer for hot and cold cast elastomers that includes the company’s TECNOTHANE® polyurethane-based elastomers and its CASTECHTM The advanced portfolio of TECHNOTHANE® polyurethane-based hot-cast engineering elastomers includes a full range of polyols and chain extenders. The flexible, low maintenance CASTECHTM equipment solutions can be used to efficiently cast compact polyurethane elastomers and microcellular foams from all types of isocyanate and chain extender combinations. Together, this unique material and machinery combination is the ideal solution for producing specialist polyurethane parts including wheels, rollers and seals for industrial applications.
  • A broad portfolio of microcellular elastomers – available under the ACOUSTIFLEX® brand – that can deliver excellent acoustic insulation and vibration dampening properties, as well as compression stress performance. Delivering distinct processing advantages, and a fast production cycle compared to rubber, they are ideal for use in NVD applications across transportation and construction. In the world of transport, ACOUSTIFLEX® polyurethane systems are commonly used in rail pads, ballast mats, spring aids and carpet underlay. In the construction sector, they are commonly used in wall and floor linings to reduce sound transmission.
  • A specialist range of low emission JEFFCAT® catalysts, which are proven to improve the performance of polyurethanes in automotive seating, insulation, furniture, and bedding applications, and can help customers meet stringent regulatory emissions requirements:
    • The JEFFCAT® S-117 reactive blowing catalyst formulated for spray foam applications in the 10-16 kg.m3 density range but also suitable for use in higher density formulations. Replacing the BDMAEE type conventional catalyst, the JEFFCAT® S-117 catalyst is a cost-effective alternative to competitive catalysts – providing strong blow effects with moderate gel behaviour.
    • The JEFFCAT® H-1 catalyst is designed for use in HFO blown rigid polyurethane foam including insulation systems. Providing a balanced reaction, without sacrificing the stability of final products, this acid-free catalyst has low levels of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are responsible for imparting odors into finished rigid foams.

The Huntsman Performance Products team will also be speaking about its high-performance polyurethane additives for spray foam applications at the PU China / UTECH Asia conference. Yide Lang, Senior Scientist, will be speaking to conference delegates on day one of proceedings in Room 5 at 11am.

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