Huntsman Targets ELASTAMINE® RE and RT Series Polyetheramines at New Applications

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Business will Showcase Power of Polyetheramines in Different Applications at Chinaplas

At this year’s Chinaplas, Huntsman will promote the benefits of its ELASTAMINE® polyetheramines in different plastics applications, including the technology’s ability to create nylon elastomers with unique material properties.

Used in the manufacture of nylon elastomers, Huntsman’s ELASTAMINE® RE and RT series polyetheramines can boost elasticity, flexibility, impact strength, hydrophilicity and low temperature properties. Advantageous across several market sectors, these properties will be of particular interest to specifiers developing materials for automotive, footwear, textiles, sports and medical applications. ELASTAMINE® RE and RT polyetheramines can also be used as functional additives as anti-static and toughening agents in plastic compounding.

Demonstrating how its chemistries can inspire innovation for a better life, Huntsman will have innovative nylon elastomer products on display at its Chinaplas booth that have been made using polyetheramines. On display will be nylon in granule, powder, fiber and foam form, which has been modified with different ELASTAMINE® polyetheramines. There will also be end-use products including:

  • Sports footwear such as ski and soccer boots
  • Pipes and cables
  • Packaging for electronics and food applications
  • Textile garments such as outwear, gloves and socks.

Wu Min, APAC Technology Director for Huntsman Performance Products, said: "Our ELASTAMINE® polyetheramines are well known for the benefits they can bring to nylon elastomer production – but the technology has profound advantages in a much wider range of plastic products including fibers, films and membranes, and moulded parts. We will be demonstrating the full capabilities of this innovative product range at Chinaplas and look forward to discussing new application areas with plastics manufacturers attending the show.” 

During Chinaplas, Huntsman will give a TechTalk speech on polyetheramines. The presentation will be delivered by Miya Zhang, Senior Scientist at Huntsman, on 18th April 2023 at 3.20pm at Booth 16R 31 in Hall 16. 

For more information about Huntsman’s ELASTAMINE® polyetheramine portfolio, including its ELASTAMINE® RE and RT series polyetheramines, email: Alternatively, visit Huntsman at Chinaplas 2023 from April 17 to 20 at Booth 17L31, in Hall 17 at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center.


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