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K 2019 - from 16 to 23 October 2019 - Düsseldorf Messe, Düsseldorf, Germany

Osnabruck, Germany - Global chemical company Huntsman today revealed further details of the products it will promote at K 2019 this October. Demonstrating its track record for Delivering Elastomers Innovation, Huntsman will showcase the wide range of polyurethane (PU) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) systems it provides to the global plastics industry.

Taking center stage will be Huntsman’s brand new IROPRINT® additive manufacturing platform. Unveiled at the K preview in early July, ahead of its introduction at K, the IROPRINT® additive manufacturing platform consists of three different urethane-based materials (resins, powders and filaments) that can be 3D printed using stereolithography (SLA), high speed sintering (HSS) and fused filament fabrication (FFF) techniques.

In parallel, Huntsman’s global elastomers team will highlight its capabilities in:

Film & Sheet: Huntsman has a range of TPU elastomers that can be processed, via flat-die- or blown-film-extrusion techniques, into films that offer a combination of toughness, transparency and can perform at a wide range of operating temperatures. Huntsman’s KRYSTALFLEX® TPU films are a long-established brand of interlayer films for laminated safety glazing applications. The business has a range of innovative KRYSTALGRAN® TPU resins that offer very good transparency, UV resistance and durability for surface protection applications. Huntsman’s recyclable IROGRAN® TPU resins are also well known for their use in barrier and adhesive applications, such as roofing membranes, textile or inflatables applications, to name just a few.

Hot cast elastomers: Through its global Tecnoelastomeri business, Huntsman offers a range of TECNOTHANE® engineering elastomers and a suite of CASTECH® processing machines. Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri’s latest material innovation is a family of very resilient polyurethanes for the manufacture of wheels, castors and industrial parts, which need to perform in extreme working conditions. Easy to process, the TECNOTHANE® VTER range includes six elastomer systems with customizable features, which can be adapted to customer requirements. When it comes to machinery, Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri’s CASTECH® machines are a flexible, low maintenance, equipment solution that can enable the precision metering and mixing of hot-cast elastomers and microcellular elastomer foams from all kinds of isocyanate and chain extender combinations. The most recent CASTECH® model - the HP3000 machine - provides precision dosing with good mix homogeneity; a high output; and precise shot casting capabilities.

Wire & Cable: Huntsman is a leading provider of robust, reliable elastomers for cable jacketing electrical wires used in automation, automotive, energy, and consumer electronics applications. Huntsman’s wire and cable solutions include IROGRAN® FR TPU - a unique family of halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) cable jacketing materials that offer improved performance when it comes to strength, durability and resistance to environmental factors including ageing, oil, water, hydrolysis and temperature heat changes exposure.

Regulated markets: The availability of plasticizer-free, hygienic TPU grades is essential to the global food and drink industry, and Huntsman has a range of elastomers for picking, processing and packaging tasks that adhere to rigorous food contact material (FCM) health and safety standards. Produced on dedicated lines, where good manufacturing practice (GMP) procedures are in place, these specialist products include elastomers for conveyor belts that have excellent wear and tear properties, and an inherent resistance to water and microbial attack - which makes them easy to clean. Huntsman also offers elastomers for use in the potable water industry, which pass migration and smell tests such as NSF / ANSI / CAN 61 standard (National Sanitation Foundation) or KTW guidelines from Umweltbundesamt.

PU Elastomers: When it comes to PU elastomers, Huntsman’s product range includes MDI-based variants, available under the SUPRASEC® brand, and a range of fully formulated DALTOPED® polyol systems. Huntsman offers a variety of PU elastomers for modeling, tooling and prototyping (MTP) applications; electric and electronic encapsulants; synthetic leather; cold cast elastomers; and gaskets and filters. The business also has a range of fully formulated ACOUSTIFLEX® elastomers for noise vibration applications.

Footwear: Huntsman is a leading developer of PU and TPU materials for the footwear industry. At the K show, the team will promote the latest technologies from its DALTOPED® platform of fully formulated PU systems, which are designed to meet the lightweight, comfort and high-performance requirements demanded by sports, casual and safety shoe manufacturers. The team will also highlight its comprehensive portfolio of AVALON® TPUs, which deliver soft, rubber-like properties alongside superior slip resistance.



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