New materials offer improved reaction to fire properties plus unprecedented strength
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Osnabrück, Germany - Delivering a major breakthrough in the physical and mechanical performance of flame retardant (FR) cabling materials, Huntsman has developed IROGRAN® FR TPU - a unique family of halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) cable jacketing materials that can outperform benchmark products when it comes to strength, durability, and environmental performance. 

Providing substantially improved reaction to fire properties alongside unprecedented strength and fatigue resistance in both flexion and torsion, Huntsman’s IROGRAN® FR TPU grades set a new standard for flame retardant cable protection. Due for launch at Wire 2018 in Dusseldorf in mid April, Huntsman’s IROGRAN® FR TPU range initially includes three new products:
• IROGRAN® A 90 P 5014 FR TPU - a baseline material for the most common FR applications
• IROGRAN® A 91 P 5015 FR TPU - suitable for more demanding FR applications
• IROGRAN® A 92 P 5016 FR TPU - a flagship grade for the most demanding FR applications.

Made using novel formulation and production processes, Huntsman’s IROGRAN® FR TPU products have passed rigorous industry and in-house tests and have been trialed by leading wire and cable producers. Test results showed that:
• IROGRAN® A 90 P 5014 FR TPU performs better over time than benchmark products when it comes to heat resistance. After seven days of heat exposure, this novel HFFR material will typically retain 80% of its original tensile strength. That’s up to 14% better than competitive materials tested under identical conditions.
• The initial tensile strength of IROGRAN® A 92 P 5016 FR TPU is significantly higher than benchmark cable jacketing materials with the material performing better over time when it comes to oil resistance. When exposed to oil at 100°C over 42 days, IROGRAN® A 92 P 5016 FR TPU samples were up to 45% stronger than comparable products put through the same process.

Huntsman’s IROGRAN® FR TPU products are designed for use in automation, transportation, energy and consumer electronics applications, where flame retardancy is essential, and the physical failure of wire and cable jacketing systems is not an option. Non-halogenated, plasticizer-free and fully recyclable, the new materials also offer:
• Advanced abrasion, fatigue and stain resistance
• Excellent environmental resilience to chemicals, water, oil and solvents
• A wide processing window
• Consistent dimensional stability
• Pleasant haptics with a matt finish for easy uncoiling.

Franz Michel, Sales Development Manager TPU EAIME at Huntsman, said: “Adding flame-retardants to wire and cable materials will typically influence elongation at break and strength, as well as abrasion and fatigue resistance. Our IROGRAN® FR TPU products are different. With a state-of-the-art reaction to fire, they offer significantly improved oil and heat resistance to competitive materials. These are incredibly valuable properties in an increasingly automated world, which demands more from wire and cable products.”

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