New product finder to simplify TPU selection

New product finder to simplify TPU selection

The Huntsman thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) team is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new online product selector tool.

To make it easier for our customers to find the perfect TPU for the project/s they are working on, the Huntsman team has built an online database that gives an overview of our TPU products and to download datasheets. Go to: to take a look at this important new online tool.

Using the Huntsman TPU product selector tool is simple:
• If you aren’t sure what kind of material you want, you can search the system for different TPU grades by region; application; process; hardness; chemical type; or certification
• Alternatively, if you want to find information about a specific product, you can type its name into the search box or look for it via the product series listing by clicking on the relevant brand logo.

Once you’ve identified the right TPU there are several options – depending on whether you are a registered or non-registered user:
• Non-registered users can search the site for product information; add products to an online wish list for future reference; or contact the Huntsman team for more information using the on-site button provided
• Registered users have the same search, wish list and contact options - but can also view and download datasheets, or email them to a colleague for their consideration.

Registering to use the Huntsman TPU product selector tool is easy. All you have to do is click the register button at the top of the home page, provide your contact details and create a password. Remember to make a note of the login details generated for next time. But don't worry if you forget. There is a lost password link at the top of the home page.

Go to: to explore the product selector tool and find the perfect TPU for you.






• 如果您还不确定到底需要哪款TPU产品,那么,您可以按地区、应用、工艺、硬度、化学品类型或证书等条件,运用系统进行查找不同牌号的产品。

• 或者,如果您想查找某个特定产品的相关信息,则可在查找栏内输入产品名称或点击相关品牌商标、通过产品系列进行查找。

• 非注册用户可在网站内查找产品信息,并将产品添加至“在线心愿单”供以后参考;或者通过点击“联系我们”来联络亨斯迈团队获取更多信息。

• 注册用户同样可进行上述查找、添加心愿单及选择联络方式,同时也可查看并下载数据表,或将其以电子邮件方式发送给同事,供其参考。