Huntsman Increases Range of High Rebound, Ultra-low Density Smartlite® TPU for Sports Footwear

Düsseldorf, GERMANY – Global chemical company Huntsman today announced the launch of smartLite® PF 1560 TPU, a super lightweight, high energy return, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that can transform the comfort and performance of sports footwear, particularly running shoes.

smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU is an innovative, low-density, elastic material that is 100% recyclable. smartLite® PF 1560 TPU, a specifically formulated grade of TPU, is durable, resilient, and has the potential to deliver an energy return of up to 50%.
Flexible yet strong and with the ability to spring back to its original shape after being stretched or compressed, smartLite® PF 1560 TPU is perfect for producing soft, bouncy midsoles for a wide range of athletic footwear.

Fully tunable, thanks to a special manufacturing process, the cushioning effect offered by smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU can be customized for different applications – giving footwear manufacturers extra flexibility in the design and performance of shoes worn for running, general fitness or casual everyday wear.

Sports shoes featuring smartLite® PF 1560 TPU are incredibly comfortable and have the potential to help wearers run faster and for longer, while expending less energy. In midsole applications, smartLite® PF 1560 TPU works by stretching to accommodate the impact caused by running, jumping and walking. As the flow of movement changes, and feet lift off the ground, the material responds, returning to its original shape and transferring any power amassed to the wearer, who gets an extra spring in their step. Thanks to the exceptional durability of smartLite® PF 1560 TPU, this energy cycle can happen multiple times without diminishing physical or mechanical performance properties.

Stephane Peysson, Global Marketing Manager Footwear at Huntsman, said: “The launch of smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU is designed to satisfy the footwear industry’s ongoing quest for novel materials that are ultra lightweight yet also able to deliver the highest performance and comfort levels. Fully tunable, smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU will have broad appeal across the sector. The fast moving sports industry is our main target market but this new technology will inevitably attract the interest of footwear producers creating other kinds of shoes. This could include anyone looking for an alternative to traditional materials such as EVA, which do not have the high level of energy management offered by smartLite ® PF

1560 TPU. The smartLite ® brand has always been synonymous with high quality footwear and this launch reinforces that message with a new product that is incredibly durable, has low VOCs and has excellent dynamic properties.”

smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU is odourless with excellent hydrolysis resistance. It is 100% recyclable – helping to minimize waste. The material has excellent anti-UV qualities, meaning it is less prone to yellowing over time. smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU is also stable at temperature extremes ranging from -20ºc to 40ºc . Furthermore, smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU is easy to shape, mold and demold using conventional steam chest equipment.

smartLite ® PF 1560 TPU, which complies with all major EHS regulations, is being produced by Huntsman in Asia, a global manufacturing hub for the footwear industry.

smartLite® PF 1560 TPU was unveiled on the first day of K2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany. For more information please contact:

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