Three Huntsman TEROL® Performance Polyols Receive UL Environment Designations

TEROL® 250 and 649 polyols receive new certifications; TEROL® 563 polyol re-certified for increased recycled content

June 8, 2016
The Woodlands, Texas

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Huntsman Corporation (NYSE: HUN) announced that three of its TEROL® Performance Polyols from its Polyurethanes Division have received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Environment certification. TEROL® 250 and 649 polyols received inaugural certifications, and TEROL® 563 polyol was re-certified to reflect increased recycled content. Huntsman Polyurethanes became the first U.S. aromatic polyester polyol manufacturer to receive the designation in 2014.

“Huntsman is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable materials that allow our customers to design their insulation products with confidence,” said Les Yamato, Business Manager, TEROL® Polyols, Huntsman Polyurethanes. “Receiving UL Environment recognition for TEROL® 250 and 649 polyols is an important step, as we now offer certified systems house polyols in addition to our primary product used in polyiso boardstock applications.

TEROL® 250 polyol contains an average of 64 percent recycled content, consisting of 36 percent post-consumer and 27 percent pre-consumer recycled material. It is recommended for use in all polyurethane and polyisocyanurate systems, as well as spray foam and pour-in-place applications. The high aromatic content and lower viscosity of TEROL® 250 polyol allows for the use of lower flame retardant levels with excellent viscosity and fire performance results in finished B-sides, in small scale testing.

TEROL® 649 polyol is Huntsman’s newest product for systems house applications. It contains an average of 16 percent bio-based material and 24 percent pre-consumer recycled material, and is targeted for use in next- generation blowing agent systems, but can also be used with hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), such as 245fa or 365mfc/227. The high functionality of TEROL® 649 polyol allows for higher loading levels of the polyester, up to 100 percent of the polyol requirement. This can improve the performance of spray applied polyurethane foams in an array of testing protocols, particularly small scale fire testing, and can allow reductions in the amount of flame retardants required in the B-side of the formulation.

TEROL® 563 polyol has been re-certified, increasing from 27 to 32 percent recycled content, and is primarily used in polyisocyanurate boardstock insulation applications. When properly formulated and processed, insulation panels produced with TEROL® 563 polyol can pass the Factory Mutual 4450 Calorimeter and ASTM E-84 Tunnel tests.

UL verified Huntsman’s pre-consumer recycled, post-consumer recycled and renewable resource content claims by reviewing the company’s manufacturing practices and raw materials sources. Huntsman is working to secure certification for additional polyols, which allows customers to design their insulation products with confidence and meet preferred purchasing protocols.

Huntsman offers one of the broadest ranges of aromatic polyester polyols for rigid foam applications, with hydroxyl values ranging from 120 to 350. Additionally, Huntsman’s customized polyol solutions can meet the most demanding insulation applications.

TEROL® is a registered trademark of Huntsman International LLC. or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all, countries.


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