New Huntsman Polyurethane Insulation website launched

EVERBERG, Belgium - Huntsman recently unveiled a new website ( highlighting the key role that polyurethane insulation products play in reducing energy use in buildings. Huntsman is a global leader in the supply of MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) which is used to produce polyurethane insulation.

The environmental benefits of polyurethane insulation cannot be overstated.  It is generally recognized that residential and commercial buildings account for around 40% of the total energy consumed in developed nations – and that this energy accounts for about a similar percentage of CO2 emissions.  A recent study by McKinsey concluded insulation is the single, most cost-effective measure to reduce greenhouse gases.

According to Nick Webster Vice-President Europe who oversees the Polyurethanes division’s insulation activities: “Fluctuating oil prices and insecure energy supply will drive demand for polyurethane insulation products.”

He added: “High performance polyurethane insulation products will become more prevalent in buildings across the globe for two reasons: polyurethane’s high thermal resistance and air tightness significantly lower a building’s heating and cooling energy demand, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions; and the superior insulation value of polyurethane allows thinner building elements, which minimizes the building footprint or maximizes internal useable space”.

Polyurethane insulation allows easy conformance with the designer principles for low energy usage buildings of “Build tight and ventilate right”.

Architects and building scientists have evolved in their understanding of sustainability.  The durability of building envelopes is important and moisture penetration is the leading cause of damage to these envelopes. Polyurethane insulation products are a superior insulation choice because they not only control the flow of heat and air infiltration but they also provide a barrier to moisture movement and their thermal performance is unaffected by moisture ingress.

More information on polyurethane products such as spray polyurethane foam, insulation (polyiso) boards, insulated metal panels, pipe insulation and one-component foam is available at the new website:


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