Innovative soling materials from Huntsman Polyurethanes

Huntsman Polyurethanes, a leading global supplier of two component and thermoplastic polyurethane soling systems continues to put innovation high on the priority list. Footwear brands look to their suppliers to come up with differentiated products and solutions to give them an edge over their competitors.

With the main research and development centre located in Belgium backed up with technical resource close to the end user, Huntsman is able to provide a fast response to the market needs. Extensive machine hall facilities are available to customers for small scale production simulation or prototyping, further adding to the speed to market. Recent innovations include ultra low temperature flexible polyether systems for winter boots, already generating substantial sales in the Russian market. Better flexibility combined with durability are key in the demanding winter environment and Huntsman products have demonstrated the ability to withstand such extremes.

In the field of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), Huntsman is the pioneer in expanded materials and can count numerous international brands in it's growing client list. The materials currently in use combine superb aesthetics with performance at low weight. Even in conventional TPUs the trend is towards higher performance. Recently introduced high modulus materials are generating plenty of interest amongst sports shoe designers where greater stiffness at the same or lower weight is a desirable characteristic.

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