Footwear collaboration sets new industry standards

Huntsman Polyurethanes' footwear division and Desma, a leading footwear machinery producer, have announced a collaboration that creates new industry standards in the sector.

The partnership, announced in September at the SMAC 2000 footwear exhibition at Civitanova Marche in Italy, marks the introduction of a new screw configuration designed specifically for the production of AVALON TM  TPU footwear technology.

The development optimises the performance of AVALON TM and provides many advantages to footwear designers and manufacturers, including rubber look and feel, perfect surface aesthetics, abrasion and hydrolysis resistance, high tear strength, flex life and excellent adhesion.

The combination of these functional properties allows producers to extend their business opportunities into the top quality end of the footwear market.

Stephane Peysson, European marketing manager footwear for Huntsman Polyurethanes, says: "This development marks an important step for the industry by highlighting the success of a collaboration between a materials producer and a machinery manufacturer.

"The footwear sector can benefit significantly from ongoing partnerships such as this to create innovative technologies that allow footwear producers to penetrate new high value business sectors."