For over 60 years, Huntsman has provided high-performance adhesives and composite resin systems to aerospace OEMs for the fabrication and assembly of interior and exterior aircraft components. Our proven performance in aerospace has paved the way for new innovations in automotive applications.

Structural Adhesives

Huntsman offers a wide range of high-performance, structural adhesives to help manufacturers improve their assembly processes and enable lightweighting.  Our adhesives address key challenges such as multi-substrate bonding, fast curing cycles, low VOC emission, long-term performance under dynamic stress and impact resistance.


Our structural adhesives can be used for:


Structural Semi-structural Assemblies Exterior Finishes & Interior Modules
Electronics Filters Repair & Aftermarket


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Composite Resin Systems

Since the 1990’s Huntsman has worked with leading automotive OEMs to develop lighter and faster-curing epoxy resin systems for composite parts. Today, our composite technologies focus on significant reduction in cycle time to match the stringent cost and productivity requirements of mass production.

In addition to providing the required process latency, our new products exhibit very fast demolding stiffness development - enabling drastic reduction in cure time. Their high elongation at break make them the ideal solution for impact-resistant composite parts production.

Performance versus Speed - Composite Processes in Automotive

Performance versus Speed

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