Energy & Resources

At Huntsman, our chemistries not only help recover fossil fuels and natural resources, but we also exploit new opportunities in advanced electronics and renewable energy technologies where our chemical solutions can help empower product performance and spur commercial adoption.

We work to develop innovative solutions that optimize energy and natural resources. Our commitment remains top-of-mind as we supply companies with chemicals for mining, metalworking, high tech, gas processing, fuels, lubricants and oilfield services around the world.


Advanced Technologies Advanced Technologies
Electronics & high purity solutions
Gas Treating Chemicals Gas Treating Chemicals
Gas processing & Licensing
Oilfield Chemicals Oilfield Chemicals
Outstanding range of technologies
EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Extending the life of an oilfield
Advanced Technologies Electronics
See also "Advanced Technologies"
Lubricants, Fluids, Metalworking Lubricants & Metalworking
fluids for motors & metals
Mining Chemicals Mining Chemicals
Wealth of mining solutions
Paper & Water Treating Paper & Water Treating
Recycling useful resources