Huntsman's JEFFAMINE® range offers the world's most extensive selection of polyetheramines, many of which are unavailable elsewhere. These highly versatile products contain primary amino groups attached to the end of a polyether backbone normally based on propylene oxide, ethylene oxide or a mixture of both compounds.

Historically, the core JEFFAMINE® polyetheramine family consisted of monoamines, diamines and triamines based on the core polyether backbone structure. More recently, the addition of secondary, hindered, high-conversion and polytetramethylene glycol (PTMEG)-based polyetheramines has increased the utility of these products.

JEFFAMINE® products typically impart increased flexibility, toughness, low viscosity and low color. The broad range of molecular weights, amine functionality, repeating unit type and distribution offers great scope to design new compounds or mixtures.

They are particularly important in the production of polyurea coating technologies, epoxy applications and pigment formulations.

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