Responsive Marketer

In the Americas, Huntsman Polyurethanes serves a wide diversity of market segments, including construction, furniture, composite wood products, appliances, adhesives, coatings and elastomers, footwear, and automotive.

Locations Throughout the Americas

Huntsman Polyurethanes has 10 sites throughout the Americas. With research and development based at the corporate Advanced Technology Center in The Woodlands, near Houston, Texas; a technical center in Auburn Hills, Michigan, which provides the technical know-how for flexible foam applications such as automotive, adhesives, coatings and elastomers, furniture, and footwear; dedicated TPU (thermoplastic urethanes) production facilities in Ringwood, Illinois, and Derry, New Hampshire; as well as a world scale MDI manufacturing facility in Geismar, Louisiana, the Business is well resourced to deliver customers’ needs. 

Other major locations in the Americas include sites in Mississauga, Canada; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico; Bogota, Colombia; and Cartagena, Colombia.