JEFFAMINE® EDR-148 is a highly reactive unhindered polyetheramine for use as a molecule for developing high-purity intermediates, as an amine in epoxy hardeners, and as a monomer in polyurea applications. JEFFAMINE® EDR-148 offers formulators flexibility and reactivity, is miscible with a wide variety of solvents, and features an excellent EHS profile with no STOT, skull bone, or SVHC. 

JEFFAMINE® Amines for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Huntsman’s portfolio of JEFFAMINE® amines also helps enhance lithium-ion battery performance by decreasing crystallinity and increasing ionic conductivity. Their EO/PO chains and amine functionality impart tunable rigidity and hydrophobicity to organic matrices, and our expertise in polyetheramines enables the development of new materials in collaboration with our customers. Polymers modified with JEFFAMINE® amines also provide many benefits for surface modification, including enhanced ionic transport within lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) particle interfaces, improved wetting between electrolyte and electrode, and increased specific capacity. In gel electrolytes, they can improve cycling and enhance ionic conductivity.

Expanded Polyetheramine Family

Huntsman continues to invest and grow this portfolio of products, using our range of amine functionality, backbone structures, and molecular weights to design and commercialize new compounds. Developments include new functionalities such as secondary amines and hindered amines, plus a wide range of unique molecules tailored to individual customer requirements. With these new developments, the polyetheramine family has expanded to now include SURFONAMINE® and ELASTAMINE® materials specifically designed to meet market needs in pigment modification, as dispersant building blocks, and in polymer modification applications including nylon, polyolefins, and polysilicones.