ULTRAPURE® Carbonates

A History of Innovation

Huntsman has 20+ years of experience producing ULTRAPURE® Ethylene Carbonate

Coming in 2023

Major expansion planned at Conroe


Conroe plant produces ULTRAPURE®


U.S. production of ULTRAPURE®


Ethylene carbonate plant commissioned in Conroe, Texas

Huntsman Knows How Podcast

In this episode, we welcome guests Dr. Jerry Gazda, Director for Battery Technologies; Dr. Jay Henderson, Global Marketing Manager for Advanced Technologies; and Dr. Michael Kramer, Senior Technical Manager for Global Automotive.

We discuss how recent announcements from the automotive OEMs are affecting battery manufacturers and the supply chain in general and what challenges manufacturers are trying to address. We also cover how Huntsman contributes to the EV and electric battery market through advanced material solutions and investments we’re making to help meet the demand for electric vehicles.

To learn more about Huntsman solutions in electric vehicle batteries, please visit www.huntsman.com/batterymaterials