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About Huntsman Quaternary Amines

About Huntsman Quaternary Amines

Huntsman manufactures low trace metal grade quaternary amines with a range of structures for semiconductor formulated cleaning, etching, or stripping applications. Huntsman quaternary amines offer a combination of low corrosion rates and ease of handling; they are available in higher concentrations than TMAH in both aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.


  • Photoresistor developer and stripping
  • Etch and removal
  • Photovoltaic texturization
  • Post chemical mechanical planarization cleans


  • Low trace metals, high purity
  • Available in concentrations up to 45%
  • Available in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions


E-GRADE® THEMAH is an aqueous solution of tris (hydroxyethyl) methylammonium hydroxide. It is a clear, high pH liquid with a mild odor and thermal stability. The product is primarily used in stripping and cleaning formulations in the semiconductor, display, and PCB industries.

E-GRADE® Choline OH

E-GRADE® Choline OH is an aqueous solution of choline hydroxide. It is a clear, light to amber, high pH liquid with a mild odor. E-GRADE® Choline OH has been found to have very low corrosion rates to copper and other metallic surfaces and offers users advanced silicon etch performance.

Developmental products

Huntsman's broad range of amines gives customers the unique opportunity to generate custom structures with distinct properties, such as surface interactions, solubility parameters, and aqueous or non-aqueous solutions. Huntsman associates work closely with customers to develop and test new products. Please contact for more information.

Huntsman Advanced Technology Center

In 2005, Huntsman opened the Huntsman Advanced Technology Center (HATC) in The Woodlands, Texas, approximately 35 miles north of Houston. This 220,000-square-foot research and development site is one of four major R&D sites globally and serves as the primary R&D center for the Americas. In 2020, Huntsman completed the installation of a state-of-the-art cleanroom to develop new purification techniques and produce extremely low trace metal amines.

Huntsman's broad range of amines and quats coupled with sophisticated purification capabilities allows customers the opportunity to formulate a variety of electronic grade amines. This service can rapidly prototype and scale up new formulations by offering the ability to purify individual raw materials or pre-blends with multiple components that are not otherwise offered in electronic grade purity.

  • LVM purification
  • Toll purification and blending
  • Products with extremely low trace metals

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Huntsman Widens Portfolio for Semiconductor-Grade Products in Conroe, Texas

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Case Study

Application: Super Low Trace Metal Amines for Semiconductor Wet Processing

Reducing metal contamination for consistent quality and reliable yield

The Challenges

Trace level metal contaminants in processing chemicals pose an increasing risk to chip production yield as the dimensions of the delicate features shrink on the semiconductor devices.

The Solution

Enhanced processing control and quality assurance ensure production excellence and minimize the risk of contamination. Post-production amine and solvent metal purification technology were developed to achieve this goal. Commercial units began scaling up and qualifying products with customers across the globe, satisfying organic and metal quality requirements.

Case Study

Application: High Performance Chemicals for Photovoltaic Wafer Processing

Uniform Si texturization for higher efficiency solar cells with quaternary amines

The Challenges

Solar cells rely on the pyramid structure etched on a Si wafer for light absorption. Conventional alkaline etchants produce non-uniform texturization and result in uneven electricity conversion.

The Solution

Huntsman quaternary amines proved to be highly effective for Si wafer texturization. The more uniform pyramid structures produced by Huntsman quaternary amines lowered the overall reflectivity and improved consistency.

Case Study

Application: Developers in Photolithography Process for Semiconductor and Display Manufacture

High performance chemicals with safer handling for photoresist developing

The Challenges

Providing customers with a lower toxicity developer that produces results comparable to other less desirable chemicals used in photoresist development.

The Solution

Huntsman offers a wide variety of E-GRADE® alternatives that provide similar mechanisms as conventional developers and maintain excellent developing performance. Chemicals in the Huntsman portfolio have more favorable EHS profiles and lower metal corrosion rates, enabling formulations for the next generation of developers in the semiconductor and display industries.

Huntsman Knows How Podcast

This installment of the Huntsman Knows How podcast features Huntsman marketing managers Jay Henderson and SukChul Kang, joined by Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner of Linx Consulting. The group gives a high-level overview of semiconductor technology, provides insight into the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, and discusses how EHS, quality, and purity will affect semiconductor manufacturing in the future.