E-GRADE® Portfolio

Commitment to Quality

Huntsman has a vibrant history of partnering with customers to develop new molecules for use in a broad range of semiconductor applications. Our dedicated research and application staff and quality teams help ensure the production and manufacturing process is qualified for producing semiconductor-quality amines, and continuous improvement programs keep our systems aligned with industry requirements.

Safer and More Environmentally Conscious Options

We offer NMP and TMAH alternatives that feature safer handling and more environmentally conscious attributes that help chip makers achieve purity, quality, and safety requirements.

Industry Proven Technologies

Huntsman has over 20 years of experience producing high-purity chemicals for the semiconductor industry. To continue to meet market demand, Huntsman has made significant investments in our E-GRADE® manufacturing capabilities globally. At our Conroe, Texas facility, a new clean room will enable our current E-GRADE® products to continue to be purified and packaged with the quality required by the semiconductor industry.

E-GRADE® Quaternary Amines

Huntsman offers semiconductor-grade quaternary amines, like E-GRADE® Choline Hydroxide and E-GRADE® THEMAH, and developmental molecules with a range of structures for applications in semiconductor-formulated cleaning, etching, or stripping applications. This range offers formulators flexibility to tailor structure and performance to their needs. 

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E-GRADE® Amines

Huntsman is one of the world’s largest producers of amine chemistries. A broad product portfolio gives flexibility in finding the best fit for any application. We also offer upgrading capabilities to assist in trace metal reduction of other amines in our portfolio and toll purification services.

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E-GRADE® Solvents

Huntsman is the only US producer of ULTRAPURE™ Ethylene Carbonate (EC), and Propylene Carbonate (PC). We also offer high-purity aprotic solvents as alternatives to NMP under the ULTRAPURE™ and E-GRADE® brand names. 

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E-GRADE® Amine Oxides

As one of the world's largest producers of amines, Huntsman has applied its extended knowledge and manufacturing expertise to create an E-GRADE® Amine Oxide portfolio that offers chemistries for use in the etching and cleaning processes of semiconductor manufacturing.

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We believe in our duty to make the world safer and cleaner. That’s why we are involved in the development of environmentally-friendly technologies that support customer needs – and set new industry standards. By working together, Huntsman’s expertise is making a material difference for the future. 

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Huntsman Knows How Podcast

This installment of the Huntsman Knows How podcast features Huntsman marketing managers Jay Henderson and SukChul Kang, joined by Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner of Linx Consulting. The group gives a high-level overview of semiconductor technology, provides insight into the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, and discusses how EHS, quality, and purity will affect semiconductor manufacturing in the future.