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Empowering villagers through education

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Empowerment through education. That’s the premise behind Huntsman India’s Anandi initiative, which is improving life for local villagers through enhanced school facilities and teaching methods, better water supplies and enhanced livelihoods for farmers and herdsmen.

Launched in 2011, the Anandi campaign has resulted in better infrastructural facilities, an increase in education, health and awareness, and enhanced livelihoods for communities near Huntsman’s Textile Effects manufacturing site in Baroda. The plant, which is a leading supplier of textile dyes, intermediates and chemicals, employs 325 workers.

“We chose the name Anandi, which means joyful learning, because we want our community social responsibility efforts to emphasize empowerment and learning rather than only philanthropic or charity programs,” notes Sneha Roy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) specialist.

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