The world of sports footwear changes rapidly. As more and more people adopt healthy lifestyles, manufacturers need to find ways to increase productivity in a sustainable way. Automation is playing an increasingly important role and production points are moving closer to the consumers. Huntsman’s polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) technologies are the ideal solution to many of these challenges. Many of our systems have been specifically designed to be suitable for automation and customization. In addition, they enable manufacturers to build-in properties such as cushioning, extra support, flexibility and high rebound to their sports footwear. In turn, these properties help maximize performance for athletes, keep-fit enthusiasts and athleisure customers alike.

We also bring innovations in dyes, chemicals and digital inks to iconic footwear brands and retailers around the world, offering color solutions and state-of-the-art effects that enhance attractiveness, deliver specialized performance and meet ecological requirements.