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Huntsman and Pursell Agri-Tech Named CPI’s 2021 Polyurethane Innovation Award Winner

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – A jointly developed technology by Huntsman and Pursell Agri-Tech has won the prestigious 2021 Polyurethane Innovation Award from The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The award-winning technology, which is the result of a long-term collaboration between Huntsman’s Polyurethanes business and Pursell Agri-Tech is PurActiveTM – a polyurethane-based, controlled-release fertilizer coating, made using Huntsman’s RIMLINE® polyurethane system.

PurActiveTM polyurethane-based, controlled-release fertilizer coating uses a unique combination of novel chemistry and processing techniques to address the agronomic needs of today’s crop growers. By slowly releasing nutrients into the ground over time, this next-generation fertilizer coating technology can help enhance the nutrient-use of plants, increase yields and aid environmental pollution control – delivering substantial benefits at each step of the agricultural value chain. From a fertilizer production perspective, the system can also help improve manufacturing productivity.

“The Huntsman team is delighted to accept the 2021 Polyurethane Innovation Award,” said Jan Buberl, Vice President Huntsman Polyurethanes Americas. “Years of planning and joint development have led to this moment, and it is a well-deserved accomplishment for both Huntsman and Pursell Agri-Tech. The development of PurActiveTM polyurethane-based, controlled-release fertilizer coating is set to have a positive impact on the world food crisis, which is a growing issue after the pandemic. We are excited about what this technology brings to the world and the magnitude of issues it can potentially solve.”

Sustainability is at the forefront of the polyurethanes industry and this advanced controlled-release fertilizer coating shows the sector creating an innovation solution to a growing global issue. The end goal for crop growers worldwide is to ensure maximum yields through the efficient release of nutrients while reducing water runoff. The PurActiveTM polyurethane-based, controlled-release fertilizer coating is designed with that aim in mind, and is positively aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) and Goal 14 (Life Below Water).

“We are thrilled that Pursell Agri-Tech and Huntsman have won the CPI Innovation Award,” said Joe Brady, CFO of Pursell Agri-Tech. “We look forward to leveraging this innovative technology in partnership with Huntsman to create a positive impact on sustainable agriculture on a global basis.”

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