Huntsman Donates RMB1 Million in Raw Materials to Help Combat Coronavirus

SHANGHAI, China - Huntsman has donated RMB1 million (US$143,000) worth of raw materials that can be used to manufacture items urgently needed in the fight against the coronavirus in China.

The raw materials include methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) and TEROL® polyester polyol, which are used to manufacture prefabricated panels for the construction of hospitals and spandex needed for the production of medical protective articles.

As part of this donation, Huntsman provided the raw materials to a customer, Tianfon Assembly Group, which has 20 years of experience in the prefabricated buildings industry. With these raw materials, Tianfon is producing polyurethane insulation boards for the construction of hospitals.

Huntsman also arranged the logistics to ensure the efficient delivery of materials to support frontline health workers. By coordinating the resources across the supply chain, Huntsman ensured the on-time delivery of the raw materials.

“Huntsman has always been committed to social responsibility,” said Kenny Pan, Vice President of Huntsman’s Polyurethanes Division for Asia Pacific. “Working with our customers, we are doing our part in the battle against the coronavirus.”

Contributing to hospital construction

As the epidemic spreads in China, the problem of insufficient hospital beds has become prominent, seriously affecting efforts to combat the coronavirus. The construction of new isolation hospitals and mobile cabin hospitals is critical.

Recycled from PET bottles, TEROL® polyester polyol can be used to produce polyurethane sandwich panels, which are widely used in the insulation structures of prefabricated buildings such as mobile cabin hospitals. The panel can be installed swiftly and have excellent insulation performance.

Supporting the production of medical protective articles

To alleviate the shortage of raw materials for producing medical supplies for frontline health workers, Huntsman also donated its pure MDI to Huafon Group to support its production of spandex and microfiber for medical protective articles.

Spandex and microfiber can be used to produce medical protective items such as masks and gloves. Huafon is a leading spandex and microfiber manufacturer in China, whose spandex and microfiber capacity accounts for 25% and 50% of the national capacity respectively