Huntsman Rallies Together in China to Fight COVID-19 Outbreak

10 billion face masks produced with TE’s chemicals

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, factories in China have been working round the clock to meet the growing demand for medical face masks and protective wear.

On Feb. 6, TE China received an urgent order from a customer for 10 tons of ZEROSTAT® NW and 4 tons of PHOBOL® NW-MD, finishing chemicals necessary to produce medical face masks. The customer, based in the Guangdong province, was assigned by the China National Ministry of Industrial Information to produce 10 billion medical face masks at immediate notice.

As quarantine efforts had expanded nationwide and several cities were under lockdown, most of TE’s vendors remained closed after the Lunar New Year. Despite such challenges, the TE China South Commercial team promptly worked together to liaise with raw material vendors to resume production and effectively managed all supply and logistics issues at our Panyu site.

The Panyu team rendered full support by mobilizing all available resources. As a result of solid teamwork, dedicated planning and commitment, the TE China team swiftly responded to the customer’s urgent order. On Feb. 11, the first batch of 1 ton of ZEROSTAT® NW was delivered and subsequently, another 4 tons of PHOBOL® NW-MD were delivered on Feb. 13 to the customer.

"It is indeed a race against time, as surgical masks are in high demand. TE China team is incredibly honored to be entrusted with this special order. Our support is highly appreciated by the customer and local authorities. This is a strong testament of our team solidarity under adversity," said Feng Hui, Sales Representative, TE South China.

Apart from this customer, TE also supplied the same products to other customers in Hubei province. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the TE China team has delivered a total of 21.6 tons of PHOBOL® NW-MD and 12 tons of ZEROSTAT& reg; NW for the production of medical masks and protection suits.

In the face of adversity, the China team continues to stay agile and deliver unwavering support to our customers.

Additional information on products supplied:

  • ZEROSTAT® NW is an antistatic finishing agent, developed to reduce fabric processing problems, ZEROSTAT® antistatic agents reduces static cling during display and wearing of garments and helps improve wearer comfort.
  • PHOBOL® NW-MD is industrial leading sustainable, high performance oil and water repellent for non-woven applications. It meets the industrial standard for protective clothing against liquid chemicals.