A new addition to our RIMLINE® resin technology portfolio for composites
RIMLINE® resin is well-established and trusted for use in a range of composite designs intended
for automotive interior component manufacture.
We are now proud to introduce the latest material addition to our family of RIMLINE® resin which
addresses important industry trends for the production of weight-saving, robust, semi-structural
panels in an efficient and cost-effective way.



This two-component polyurethane resin system has been specifically designed for spray application to fiberglass reinforced honeycomb panels. With excellent versatility, this new technology is suitable for internal components such as parcel shelves and trunk load covers and offers the following features and benefits:

  • Lightweight with exceptional rigidity
  • High structural integrity of finished components
  • Formulated to help meet customer needs for VOC and odour specifications

A world of design possibilities

  • Suitable for high performing, load-bearing flat and shaped honeycomb panels
  • Easy integration of fixings and fasteners

Increase your productivity

  • Long spray time of up to 120 seconds
  • Good edge filling capability
  • Fast cure
  • Non-drip – ideal for vertical and horizontal spray applications
  • High number of releases between cleaning cycles without frequent tool cleaning
  • Low material waste

Leading technical expertise

Our technical experts are on hand to help solve the challenges of everyday design with differentiated formulations and design solutions for the delivery of lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Better for you, better for your customers.


Lightweight, robust solutions to serve the automotive world