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One Person’s Trash is Another’s Insulation

Can trash provide a solution for cutting air emissions? Yes, if it’s used to make energy-efficient insulation. Huntsman makes insulation from recycled plastic waste to improve energy use in buildings and reduce…

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Plugging In

Electric vehicles will play an important role in reducing emissions in the transportation sector, and Huntsman is at the forefront of expanding this technology. Electric cars rely on Lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries,…

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Accelerating the Market Toward Lower Emissions

Huntsman is reducing automotive emissions by applying Advanced Materials products to the production of electric vehicles. For many years, Huntsman Advanced Materials’ ARALDITE® products have been widely used in…

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Winning Combination

Two are better than one when it comes to reducing water and energy usage in the textile dyeing process. That is what Huntsman Textile Effects found with its latest innovation that combines two technologies in a…

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waste reduction

Waste Not, Want Not

A small change in a process or a new piece of equipment can make a big difference in reducing waste. At the Huntsman Textile Effects plant in Mexico, a wastewater process improvement made a significant reduction in…

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operational efficiency

A Cleaner Solution for Filter Bags

Huntsman manufacturing facilities are continuously looking for ways to improve our processes for greater efficiency and to reduce water and energy usage. In 2020, the Textile Effects Mahachai plant in Thailand…

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community impact

Making a Difference in the Global Pandemic

Social responsibility took on new meaning during the 2020 global pandemic. At Huntsman, we have always maintained unwavering focus on the health and safety of our associates, suppliers, customers and communities. We…

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customer innovation

If the Shoe Fits

The use of 3D printing is where the recyclable rubber meets the road. In 2020, Huntsman worked with OESH® Shoes (OESH), the US footwear brand that makes women’s shoes that are “healthy by design,” to create a…

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Sustainable style with Huntsman’s solutions for recycled polyester

As sustainability gains traction worldwide, leading brands are adopting a circular mindset. They need partners with the ability to transform recycled PET (rPET) plastics into high-quality new textiles that are…

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