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At Huntsman, we believe that deep collaborations are immensely effective to solve complex problems and create solutions that deliver long-lasting value. Whether you're envisioning innovation driven by joint ventures or exploring scale up, industrialization or manufacturing opportunities, we invite you to contact us and share your ideas for collaboration.

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We invite innovators and entrepreneurs across the value chain to share innovation challenges, problems to solve, and collaboration opportunities with Huntsman.

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Contact us to explore tailored scale-up, industrialization and custom manufacturing opportunities.

Our areas of focus for collaboration include, but are not limited to:

Innovation Driven Collaborations:

Sustainable Material Solutions

  • Low-carbon footprint materials
  • Recyclability Solutions

Energy Solution Materials & E-Mobility

  • Energy Storage Materials
  • Thermal Management & Bonding Materials Solutions
  • Lightweighting Material Solutions

Electronics Material Solutions

  • Semiconductor Processing Technologies
  • Ultra-Low Dielectric Loss Polymers for High-Frequency Communication

Chemical Industry 4.0

  • Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Process Automation
  • Supply Chain & Packaging

Manufacturing Driven Collaborations:

Custom Manufacturing & Industrialization

Benefit from our industrialization expertise:

  • Agile process development capabilities & global supply chain network to ensure sustainable industrialization
  • Global asset footprint fulfilling highest EHS & quality standards (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, AS 9100)

Production Technologies

We are always looking to identify and integrate the most advanced, efficient and safest manufacturing technologies.

Present your manufacturing capabilities to Huntsman.

Why work with Huntsman?

As a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and specialty chemicals, we serve a broad and diverse range of manufacturers within various consumer and industrial end markets. Huntsman Corporation operates across three divisions featuring over 60 manufacturing, R&D, and operations facilities in approximately 30 countries. Our products are used in a diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets, including aerospace, automotive and transportation, building and construction, electronics, energy infrastructure, and footwear.

Huntsman Knows How to Enable Human Potential and Sustainably Move Society Forward

Huntsman recognizes the important role we play in creating a more sustainable future. Our innovative solutions are the catalyst that enables 80% of the economy to reduce emissions. These contributions to a low-carbon economy can help make society’s goal of carbon neutrality a reality. Find out how Huntsman uses innovation to solve today’s problems and create tomorrow’s solutions.

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