Building and Construction Materials

Huntsman produces a wide range of innovative materials that are used in building, construction and infrastructure.

Our MDI-based adhesive systems are non-added formaldehyde, fast curing resins used in the manufacture of composite wood products (CWP), including oriented strand board, medium density fiberboard, particleboard and wood fiber insulation board. 

Huntsman’s polyurethane components and systems are used in weather protectant coatings and structural adhesives

Our ethylenamine products form integral building blocks in value-adding asphalt emulsion chemistries. The materials created from Huntsman products enable higher quality asphalts with stronger cohesion, warm-mix technologies that save energy and placement cost and give producers the ability to add greater quantities of recycled components.

Our amines help control the density, porosity and flow of concrete and help reduce cement particle sizes to create a uniform mix.