Coronavirus Response

How Huntsman Is Responding to COVID-19

At Huntsman, we have always maintained unwavering focus on the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and communities. We are donating our products and expertise to support those on the front lines of this pandemic, while also taking steps to minimize impacts on our operations in support of our customers and the global industries they represent.

We have established global and regional COVID-19 task forces to closely monitor the ever-changing situation and implemented appropriate measures to ensure health, safety and business continuity, including:

  • frequent and focused communications to our employees regarding hygiene, social distancing and other best practices
  • remote working arrangement for employees whose roles enable them to do so (For those who cannot work remotely, we have implemented safeguards at our workplace.)
  • restricted access to our sites through visitor screenings
  • social distancing, touch-free access and other preventative measures in our workplaces to reduce exposure
  • deep cleaning and disinfection at our sites
  • elimination of noncritical travel

We thank our dedicated employees who continue to serve our customers despite these challenging circumstances.

We also thank our suppliers who continue to provide us with the materials and services we need to maintain our operations.

We are moved and inspired by the many people who are coming together to support and care for each other during these extraordinarily challenging times.