Versatile and Long Pot-life

ARALDITE® 2011 adhesive is a multi-purpose product characterized by its long pot life and a history of use in various markets spanning 70 years.

Reduce inventory using the same adhesive for both large and small bonding applications.

Product Benefits

  • Bonds multiple metals and plastics
  • Long pot life
  • Self-levelling
  • Resistant to dynamic loads

Application Areas

  • Assembly of airplane galleys
  • Encapsulation of electronic components
  • Bonding of various woods in marine applications
  • Assembly of jewelry
  • Bonding of motor magnets

Performance Specifications

Two-component Epoxy


100 mins

Pot life at RT

7 hrs

Fixture time at RT

40 Pa.s / 40,000 cP

Mixed viscosity at RT

90°C / 194°F

Maximum continuous operating temperature*

24 MPa / 3,480 psi

Tensile strength

1 900 MPa / 275,571 psi

Tensile modulus

ca. 9%

Elongation at break

* For the maximum continuous operating temperature, we consider the maximum temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 1/3 of the lap shear strength at room temperature or the temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 5 MPa.

Simulate your adhesive joints with ARALDITE® 2011

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With our realistic Material Model, you get the data you need to predict the combined effect of design parameters and adhesives properties over the process and operational conditions of your project.

Case Study

Application: Encapsulation of Miniature Electrical Switches with ARALDITE® 2011 Adhesive

Create reliable encapsulations with this high-flow adhesive.

The Challenge
Encapsulation of terminals within a miniature electrical switch to make them resistant to water, shock and electricity.

The Solution
The unique combination of low viscosity and long open time eliminates air entrapment.

Manual application of ARALDITE® 2011 adhesive with cartridges allows the encapsulated switch to be completely sealed and void-free.

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