ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 Adhesive

Flexible and Fast Curing

ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 acrylic adhesive ensures durable, reliable bonding – even in the harshest conditions. The resulting bond resists aging and fatigue, with an elongation rate of more than 50% and a high resistance to hot and wet environments.

Product Benefits

  • High resistance to hot and wet conditions
  • High elongation
  • Bonds a wide range of metals

Application Areas

  • Structural bonding of interiors
  • Bonding of boat fittings

Performance Specifications

Two-component Acrylic


5/15 mins

Pot life at RT

20/40 mins

Fixture time at RT


Cataplasma test*


Maximum continuous operating temperature**

> 15 MPa

Tensile strength

1 000 MPa

Tensile modulus

> 50%

Elongation at break

* 85% strength remaining after 7-day cataplasma test (ISO 9142/E2)

** For the maximum continuous operating temperature, we consider the maximum temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 1/3 of the lap shear strength at room temperature or the temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 5 MPa.

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Case Study

Application: Bonding Primary and Secondary Train Structures with ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 Adhesive

Find new possibilities for bonding metallic and composite structures in lightweight designs.

The Challenge

Bonding of dissimilar substrates of primary and secondary structures in rail coach construction.

The Solution

Formulated to create durable bonds for a wide variety of surfaces, the ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 adhesive is perfectly suited for this application.

The adhesive's load distribution allows for the use of lower-weight panels in rail coach construction with unchanged mechanical properties, which leads to improved energy efficiency.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Mid-Sized Interior Rail Coach Parts with ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 Adhesive

Reduce complexity and inventory with an all-in-one solution for bonding multiple materials. 

The Challenge

Bonding multi-material, mid-sized interior parts inside rail coaches. 

The Solution

With strong adhesion to metals, composites and thermoplastic materials, the ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 adhesive can be used for many applications.

This means reduced application complexity, inventory and training of workers. Elongation of more than 50% ensures resistance to dynamic loading and long-term durability.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Large Panels on Trailers with ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 Adhesive

Increase production throughput and create a more attractive product.

The Challenge

Bonding large panels on trailers.

The Solution

By distributing stress uniformly over bonded areas, the ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 adhesive helps maintain physical integrity.

No need for pretreatment combined with an optimal open time enables a faster cycle time and increased throughput.

By eliminating drilling, the panels are finished with a smooth, clean and attractive appearance.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Mid-Sized Interior Parts in Buses and Trucks with ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 Adhesive

Get the perfect balance of strength and elongation to resist aging and fatigue.

The Challenge

Bonding of mid-sized, mixed-material interior bus and trucks parts.

The Solution

The ability to bond dissimilar substrates makes the ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 adhesive ideal for this task.

Limited surface pretreatment combined with an optimal open time reduces production cycle time. With an elongation rate of more than 50%, the resulting bond is durable and reliable.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Small and Medium-Sized Interior Parts with ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 Adhesive

Simplify the bonding of multi-material components with maximum freedom of design. 

The Challenge

Bonding complex, multi-material interior components with differing thermal expansion rates.

The Solution

With limited need for pretreatment, the ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 adhesive reliably bonds different metals and substrates.

The adhesive's non-sagging properties ensure easy application to even the most complex designs.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Boat Fittings with ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 Adhesive

Ensure reliable performance of bonded parts in tough conditions.

The Challenge

Reliable bonding of safety fittings that are exposed to the most challenging environmental conditions. 

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 adhesive is highly resistant to harsh chemicals, as well as hot and wet environments, which ensures long-lasting, reliable bonds on safety-critical components.

This adhesive retains more than 85% of performance qualities even after being continuously immersed in water at 70°C.

ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 cartridges are designed to protect against performance degradation in harsh conditions, making this the perfect adhesive for on-the-go applications. 

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